Fellowship Information and Networking Day (FIND)

FIND is an event that provides PharmD candidates the opportunity to learn more about the RPIF Program.

Pharmacy FIND 2022 will be hosted virtually.

Our goal is to give candidates the best experience possible. The event will take place in two parts:
1) A virtual information session on August 22nd at 6 - 9pm ET, followed by
2) A series of virtual networking sessions September 12th–21st at 5:30-9pm ET for candidates to have the opportunity to virtually network with their companies and positions of interest. Please note that there will be no Friday sessions this year.

Pharmacy FIND is open to candidates who currently hold a PharmD from an ACPE-accredited school of pharmacy or will hold this degree by July 1, 2023.

RSVP to Pharmacy FIND

Registration opens on August 1st for the Information Session and August 23rd for the Networking Sessions.

FIND Informational Session FAQ

Download our FAQ document to learn more about the session!

Person presenting

Didactic session featuring current Rutgers postdoctoral fellows presenting on the RPIF curriculum

Two people at an interview table

Informative presentation on the interview process

Group of people

Networking Opportunities

FIND Fellows Spotlight

“The fellowship process all begins when you attend FIND, an occasion that I believe to have been extremely valuable. The event provided me with the knowledge of the recruitment process, as well as opportunities to speak with the existing fellows and preceptors at the time. Ultimately, FIND allowed me to identify the specific fellowship at BMS which was perfect for me and build connections. One piece of advice that I can offer to all upcoming candidates, is to have the confidence to ask the questions you may have and be proactive. Asking questions is a great way to ensure your full understanding of a topic and initiate conversations that will help create impactful connections!"

Austin Bock, PharmD, RPh

WW Scientific Content & HEOR Publications

Bristol Myers Squib

"Attending FIND helped me realize how many opportunities the RPIF program has to offer and further decipher which align best with my personality and interests. I had the chance to speak to current fellows and preceptors, and ultimately decide the partner companies I wanted to apply to. FIND was the reason I fell in love with my current position and team at Pfizer. The information, conversation and interactions I was able to have helped me prepare for the recruitment processes and interviews. My one piece of advice to any incoming candidate would be to always be yourself!"

Jennifer Soffing, PharmD

Medical Affairs