Professional Development Days


The Professional Development series at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy has been specifically tailored to allow Fellows to share and expand on areas of interest encountered during the course of the Fellowship as well as to explore current events and issues impacting various components of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

All fellows are expected to attend and actively participate in all Professional Development Days. In addition to providing an excellent learning experience, these Professional Development Days also provide an opportunity for the fellows to network with one another and meet with Rutgers Faculty and outside speakers and preceptors.


Attendance at Professional Development Days is mandatory. Please see the Professional Development Days schedule for a list of all upcoming events.

In rare instances, company business requiring fellow participation may create a scheduling conflict. Fellows will be allowed a maximum of 3 excused absences. Attendance records will be shared with preceptors.

If the maximum number of absences is exceeded, the fellow forfeits a certificate of program completion.

Presentation guidelines

  • The presentation should be approximately 30 minutes in duration including discussion/Q&A
  • Fellows are expected to select a topic from a list created by the program and develop a presentation
  • All topics should be submitted to the Professional Development Days Committee members at least 1 month in advance of the scheduled presentation date to allow sufficient time for feedback, if any, and for the purpose of communication with other potential seminar attendees (fellows, preceptors, and other company personnel) so that they may make informed decisions regarding their attendance
  • Preceptors and/or other company personnel are strongly encouraged to attend
  • Presentations will be evaluated by attendees and feedback provided to both the presenter and their preceptor
  • Fellows are responsible for all audiovisual materials
  • Handouts are considered useful but not required
  • A laptop will be available at each seminar
  • The fellow is advised to arrive early on the day of their Professional Development presentation. It is the responsibility of the presenter to ensure that computer equipment is operational

Available topics

The presentation should focus on either an area of relevance to patient care, the pharmaceutical industry, or one that is judged to be of high educational value to other fellows. Fellows may choose to work with their preceptor, the Professional Development Days Committee, or the Director of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Fellowships at Rutgers to help identify potential topics. This may include any of the following:

  • Related to the fellow’s regular projects: Presentation of project work that has been conducted by the fellow at their company, provided that the material is of a nonconfidential nature and is approved by the fellow’s preceptor
  • Clinical review: A relevant clinical presentation discussing a development candidate or other emerging therapy. Reproductions of presentations given during pharmacy school are not appropriate
  • Continuing education: A continuing education program accredited by Rutgers and offered to the pharmacists of the state
  • Current event or related to an area outside the fellow’s assigned line function: A topical presentation which concerns the pharmaceutical industry requiring the fellow to do some research within the company to learn more about the topic. Examples include a discussion of the structure and function of a particular department or a controversial issue facing the industry. Again, the presentation should not contain confidential information and should be approved by the fellow’s preceptor