How to Apply

Register for Personnel Placement Service (PPS) on the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ASHP) website. Register now
Given the ongoing pandemic and virtual working environment, the RPIF recruitment process for 2020 will be fully virtual. Please review the following information to understand changes to the 2020 recruitment process, including shifts in timelines. As details surrounding the recruitment process continue to develop, please check this page regularly for the most up to date information, timelines, and deadlines.

Create a Candidate Account on the Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship (RPIF) website in order to register for informational sessions offered by the program.

*IMPORTANT: Please ensure your full name used on your PPS Portal Account and RPIF Candidate Account match.*

Register to attend the Fellowship Information and Networking Day (FIND) information session (September 24, 2020 6pm-9pm EST), the subsequent networking sessions (October 8–16, 2020), and/or the post-FIND Webinar (early to mid-November).

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After Attending FIND

After attending the FIND information session (September 24, 2020), the subsequent networking sessions (October 8–16, 2020) and/or the post-FIND Webinar (early to mid-November):

  1. If you have not already, please create a Candidate Account on the RPIF website. It is recommended that you do this before the PPS portal opens on October 21st.
  2. Upload your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Letter of Intent (LOI) to your RPIF Candidate Account. This is required in order for companies to consider your application and schedule you for an interview. Please submit these materials prior to submitting an interview request on the PPS Portal.
  3. A password reset email will be sent to the email you used to register for the RPIF Applicant Portal closer to PPS opening on October 21st . This newly reset password and email will serve as your login credentials for the PIFP scheduling system. The PIFP scheduling system will be used to help you keep track of the dates/times for first round interviews you may be scheduled for. If you did not receive a password reset email or are unable to access your account when scheduling begins, please notify your interview scheduler and they will be able to assist you.
  4. Using the PPS Portal, find your position(s) of interest and request an interview. This is a NEW step for RPIF. You must request an interview for your position of interest via the PPS portal, in order to be considered for a first-round interview with that position.
  5. Request(s) for interviews(s) may be submitted on a rolling period from October 21st , when PPS opens, through November 6th. Sponsor companies will reach out to candidates to schedule first-round interviews, which will be listed on the PIFP scheduling system.
  6. Request(s) for interview(s) will not be accepted after November 6, 2020 11:59pm (EST) / 8:59pm (PST).
  7. Candidates must send out requests for letters of recommendation to their respective authors from their candidate account on the RPIF Website. Letter writers will be sent a link they can use to directly upload the letters into the RPIF system; you may log in to see the upload status only. All completed letters of recommendation must be received by Friday, December 4th 11:59pm (EST).

Prepare For Virtual Interviews

Interviews will be conducted virtually during ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting from December 6-8, 2020.

  • Contingent on progression from the first-round interview, companies will reach out to candidates via email or phone to schedule follow up interviews utilizing our internal scheduling software (PIFP). Expressing interest or applying to a fellowship through PPS does not guarantee an interview.
  • Attend your interviews
    • Be organized
    • Utilize the PIFP Scheduler to keep track of your interviews
    • Try to avoid scheduling back-to-back interviews
  • Send thank you notes after your interview

Following Virtual Midyear

Following Virtual Midyear, candidates will be contacted by RPIF representatives for next steps. At any point in time, you have the ability to replace your CV and LOI on your RPIF Candidate Account.

Please note: “On-site” interviews will be virtual and will commence shortly after Midyear. To be eligible for a fellowship offer, you must have all of your application materials submitted to your RPIF Candidate Account.


Step by Step:

  1. Register for ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and PPS.
  2. Create an RPIF Candidate Account.
  3. Register for FIND Informational Session and Networking Sessions.
  4. Upload your CV and LOI to the RPIF Candidate Account.
  5. Use the PPS Portal to request(s) an interview(s) for your position(s) of interest.
  6. RPIF representatives will contact you via phone or email to schedule you for a first- round interview, upon reviewing your CV and LOI.
  7. Utilize the PIFP Scheduling Tool to keep track of your scheduled interviews. Look out for the password reset email for your PIFP account and utilize it to keep track of first round interviews.
  8. Candidates will be notified of their application status by December 1st.
  9. Second and/or third-round interviews will take place, virtually, during the ASHP Midyear timeframe (December 6-8th).

Application materials:

  • CV: upload to your RPIF Candidate Account, latest deadline is November 6th.
  • LOI: upload to your RPIF Candidate Account, latest deadline is November 6th.
  • LOR: 3 Letters of Recommendation must be submitted to your RPIF Candidate Account, latest deadline is December 4th.

Download our Candidate Checklist!

Tips for submission of materials

  1. Ensure your CV is up-to-date.
  2. Submit your Letter of Intent formally stating the functional area and/or fellowship positions to which you would like to apply. There is no limit to the number of programs to which you may express interest. However, be sure you are sincere in your interests. Generally, companies do not pursue candidates who have not expressed an interest in them.
  3. Obtain 3 general letters of recommendation from professional or academic sources. Since you are applying for the RPIF program, there should not be a letter for each company in which you have an interest, but rather 3 letters of recommendation suitable for any of the RPIF partner companies.

The Rutgers Industry Fellowship Program is an equal opportunity employer. For complete information on our policy at Rutgers, please visit the Human Resources website.