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The Fellowship Chronic les | June 2017                                                             Page

                                Congratulations to the Class of 2017, and our

                                Class of 2017 Teaching Certificate Recipients!

          In this edition:

            Faculty Spotlight
             welcomes a former
             fellow, Dr. Volino!

            Exploring the origin of
             drug brand names

            Genentech gives back

            Updates from PDD,
             UOC Committees

            Insight into Sports
             nutrition supplements

                                       ongratulations to all the graduates of this year’s fellowship class of 2017! We
                                       celebrated their achievements at this year’s annual certificate dinner located at
                                       the Westin Princeton Hotel on Thursday June 1, 2017. This year we graduated
                               C  fellows  from  15  different  companies!   As  the  year  winds  down,  a new
                               year is about to commence and we look
                               forward to welcoming the new incoming
                               fellows during orientation on Friday June
                               30, 2017.

                               Our  Teaching  and  Learning  Certificate
           2016-2017 Newsletter   graduates  of  2017  recently  celebrated
          Committee Co-Chairs final   their accomplishments!  Congratulations
         farewell tour. Thank you all   to  all  24  graduates  of  this  year’s
          for a great season! And as
            always, keep reading!   Teaching   and   Learning   Certificate
                #joestine      program!

                                                  June Edition at a Glance
         Where do brand names come from?                2      Alumni Class Notes                              8

         Company Spotlight: Celgene                     4      Clinical Update Corner                          10
         Genentech Gives Back                           6      Who is the newest face of the FDA?              14
         Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Volino                  7      The Pawsletter                                  15
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