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McCann Health

Fellowship Duration

2 Years

Fellowship Positions Available


Strategic Marketing Fellowship

  • Scientific Engagement and Medical Education (6-month rotation)
  • Global HCP and Patient Advertising (6-month rotation)
  • Managed Markets (6-month rotation)
  • Global Pharmacist Communications (6-month rotation)

Company Information

McCann Health is the world’s most connected network of health care marketing and communications agencies across 6 continents. We are 1600 health and wellness specialists in 20 countries united by one vision: to help our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients’ brands and businesses play a meaningful role in people’s lives. McCann Health is a part of McCann Worldgroup and the Interpublic Group (IPG).

All of us are guided by McCann’s founding philosophy: Truth Well Told. It’s a deep, century-long legacy that drives our relentless pursuit of strategic and creative excellence, and one we are also continuously reinventing in order to master today’s ever-evolving health care communications landscape. We work in diverse areas from health care consultancy to medical education, professional advertising, consumer health and wellness, global consultancy, and specialty practices, including managed markets and pharmacy initiatives. Every day we strive to ensure our work makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

McCann Health North America comprises 5 agencies and more than 600 employees specializing in health care professional, patient, managed markets, and pharmacy marketing. The 4 agencies participating in the Fellowship Program are McCann Torre Lazur, McCann Echo, McCann Managed Markets, and McCann Pharmacy Initiative.

Position Detailed Descriptions

The 2-year McCann Health Strategic Marketing Fellowship will consist of a 6-month rotation at each of 4

McCann Health agencies specializing in different disciplines of health care marketing:

  • US-focused health care professional scientific engagement and medical education
  • Globally focused health care professional and direct-to-patient advertising
  • Managed markets
  • Pharmacist communications

Scientific Engagement and Medical Education Rotation at McCann Torre Lazur

McCann Torre Lazur is focused on scientific engagement and medical education for health care professionals, including physicians, physician assistants, and nurses in the United States. In this rotation the Fellow will:

  • Be deeply involved in scientific communication, brand building, market analytics, and patient support
  • Leverage medical expertise to support needs at every point in a product’s development life cycle, from early phase 2 clinical studies through loss of exclusivity
  • Collaborate with other medical and research professionals (ie, PhDs, MDs, PharmDs) with specialized experience

Global HCP and Patient Advertising Rotation at McCann Echo

McCann Echo is focused on building pharmaceutical brands through the development of promotional messaging platforms for health care professionals and patients, both in the United States and globally. In this rotation the Fellow will:

  • Learn how to apply proven principles of behavioral science, adult learning, multicultural sensitivity, marketing technology, and health literacy to tell the story behind the clinical data of a brand
  • Be involved in creative campaign ideation, long-term brand planning, and will gain exposure to the logistics of launching a pharmaceutical brand
  • Work alongside brand teams in various therapeutic areas and help drive meaningful change at the point where health care professionals and patients intersect

Managed Markets Rotation at McCann Managed Markets

McCann Managed Markets is focused on managed markets marketing and patient access and reimbursement support. In this rotation the Fellow will:

  • Gain real-world experience in the creation of strategic and tactical solutions to help brands gain optimal formulary placement with payers and help patients get timely access to medications
  • Become familiar with access, reimbursement, and how health care is delivered and paid for in the United States through hands-on experience

Global Pharmacist Communications Rotation at McCann Pharmacy Initiative

McCann Pharmacy Initiative is focused on pharmacy marketing and pharmacist engagement. In this rotation the Fellow will:

  • Work collaboratively on projects and gain an understanding of global pharmacy business, operations, practice, and regulations
  • Learn about industry trends such as the impact of digital technology, the movement from treatment to wellness and prevention, the rise of personalized medicine, and the evolving role of pharmacists as patients participate more in their own health management

Diversified Experience

Rotating through different agencies will allow the Fellow to gain a highly diversified experience and exposure to multiple clients, brands, and therapeutic areas. Rotations will also demonstrate the linkages between marketing specialties and how they work together. The McCann Health Strategic Marketing

Fellowship is advantageous to the Fellow who would like both a varied and comprehensive learning experience. We are also consistently working with new clients and brands, so the Fellow will be exposed to new disease states and therapeutic areas throughout the program.

Scientific, Creative, Customized Experiences

The Fellow will work closely with our strategic and science-focused teams to learn how we develop scientific, creative, and customized solutions for brands in a broad range of therapeutic areas. Through these projects, the Fellow will be exposed to the most pioneering pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and will gain experience communicating with the stakeholders most important to them, including physicians, pharmacists, payers, health systems, and patients.

Exposure to Multiple Functional Areas

The Fellow will also be exposed to other functional areas within a health care marketing agency, such as account services, copywriting, art direction, and operations. Because each agency has different specialties, experiences during each rotation will be unique.

Mentorship Program

Throughout the program, the Fellow will participate in McCann Health’s formal mentorship program.

The Fellow will be matched with a member of the McCann Health leadership team who will focus on professional development throughout the Fellowship program. The mentor-mentee team will meet at least twice a month to give the Fellow an opportunity to ask questions, test ideas, gain insights from others, and receive feedback. Furthermore, the Fellow will also have the opportunity to mentor Rutgers

Pharmacy students who are completing internships or Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience rotations at McCann Health.

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