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Fellowship Duration

2 years

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Drug Delivery Innovation

Company Information

Catalyst + Talent. Our name combines these ideas. Catalent Pharma Solutions offers a broad of array of services from drug and biologic development services to delivery technologies to supply solutions. We are the catalyst for our customers’ success. With over 80 years of experience, we have the deepest expertise, the broadest offerings, and the most innovative technologies to help our customers get more molecules to market faster, enhance product performance, and provide superior, reliable manufacturing results.

We serve thousands of innovators, large and small, in over 100 markets, including 41 of the top 50 biotech companies and 48 of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies.

Our team of over 1,000 talented scientists supports 40% of recent new drug approvals, and our nearly 30 global sites make or package over 100 billion units annually.

Our significant intellectual property in oral, injectable, and respiratory dosage forms and advanced drug packaging includes over 1,200 patents and patent applications.

Position Detailed Descriptions

Proposed Curriculum for Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

In collaboration with the Rutgers Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships (, Catalent Pharma Solutions is offering a 2-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship with the ability to build technical and scientific mastery in multiple drug delivery areas. The fellow will join Catalent as part of the Scientific Affairs team. The Scientific Affairs department is tasked with enhancing Catalent offerings with integrated and rigorous scientific process to enable differentiated value delivery to specific development, segment, and regional needs. This goal is accomplished by anticipating and scouting industry needs, designing and launching new scientific offerings, and executing current product strategy and portfolio.

The fellow will work under the supervision of the Scientific Affairs Manager to craft and execute drug delivery technology scouting strategy including initial scientific assessment of novel and innovative opportunities. The fellow will become familiar with a variety of resources such as peer reviewed literature, patents and patent applications, scientific presentations, and pharmaceutical databases. As deliverables, the fellow will help issue reports based on the research and present data to the leadership team to further define Catalent scientific roadmap. This activity will provide the scientific foundational basis and insights to drive business decisions and new offerings. The fellow will have opportunities to represent the Scientific Affairs team at inter-departmental meetings and explore other areas within the company including the Catalent Applied Drug Delivery Institute.

Fellow Skillset:

  • The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences or related and a pharmacy background (BS, MS, or Pharm.D.). The Ph.D. must be from an US-based university
  • Strong foundational scientific knowledge in the areas of drug formulation, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, and medicinal chemistry
  • Ability to grasp, synthesize, and apply new concepts in diverse scientific areas
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills to interface with other scientists
  • Experience with scientific writing to develop white papers and technical materials

Executive Sponsors: Julien Meissonnier, Vice President, Science & Technology

Julien Meissonnier has been Vice President of Science & Technology at Catalent since October 2015. At Catalent, Mr. Meissonnier provides technical and scientific leadership for the development of delivery systems for poorly soluble drugs that lead to approvable regulatory dossiers. His responsibilities include early stage screening activities, developing products, scale-up and technology transfer, directing clinical supplies and supporting product launches. He served as Director of R&D for Catalent Pharma Solutions. Mr. Meissonnier has 12 years of experience in pharmaceutical development. He serves as Director of Alsace BioValley. He received his Engineer Degree in Physico-Chemistry from the ENSI in Caen, France.

Preceptor: Ronak Savla, Scientific Affairs Manager

Ronak Savla has been the Scientific Affairs Manager at Catalent June 2016. Dr. Savla’s role includes scouting and surveying novel technologies, designing and developing new scientific offering, identifying and nurturing key opinion leaders, and providing scientific review during content generation. Prior to his current role, Dr. Savla was a post-doctoral fellow with Catalent through the Rutgers Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship program. Dr. Savla obtained his Pharm.D. and Ph.D. from the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University.