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1800 Concord Pike, P.O. Box 15437, Wilmington, DE 19850

Fellowship Duration

2 years

Fellowship Positions Available

US Medical Affairs - Therapeutic Area Concentration (Immuno-Oncology 2017-2019)

US Medical Affairs – Heath Economics & Outcomes Research (2017-2019)

US Commercial – Oncology – Promotional Education (2017-2019)

Company Information

About the Fellowship

The US Medical Affairs fellowships offer opportunities in Immuno-Oncology or Health Economics & Outcomes Research located at our Gaithersburg, MD and Wilmington, DE facilities, respectfully.  Our program structure provides the opportunity for the fellow to initially explore various functional areas of our US Medical Affairs department and further focus their training with the Immuno-Oncology Medical Team or Health Economics & Outcomes Research teams.

The US Commercial – Oncology – Promotional Education fellowship offers an opportunity within our immuno-oncology marketing team, located at our Gaithersburg, MD to gain hands-on experience working on both pre-launch and marketed products at various stages of development to foster development of strategic and management capabilities needed to build a strong foundation in pharmaceutical marketing.

About AstraZeneca

We are a global innovation-driven bio-pharmaceutical company specializing in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of prescription medicines that make a meaningful difference in healthcare.


Our strategy is to Achieve Scientific Leadership, Return to Growth, ensure that AstraZeneca is a Great Place to Work while doing business responsibly.

Our Business

  • We operate in over 100 countries and our medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide
  • We employ around 61,500 people worldwide
  • We conduct R&D across 3 continents and we invested over $5.6 billion in R&D during 2015
  • We manufacture in at 29 site in 17 countries
  • Our sales in 2015 totaled $24.7 billion

US Medical Affairs

The AstraZeneca US Medical Affairs team is comprised of individuals dedicated to our mission:

Using our deep therapeutic knowledge, we generate and translate science in order to advance healthcare outcomes for patients.  With purpose, common values and ambition, our team delivers on our priorities to deliver life-changing medicines.

US Commercial – Oncology

The AstraZeneca US Commercial Oncology team is comprised of individuals dedicated to our mission:

We deliver breakthrough medicines and innovative solutions to transform the treatment and care of patients with serious illnesses for whom every day matters.

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